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Deployment Tips

You can buy just a light source or you can buy a weapon of mass destruction you can manipulate shrimp towards your mono. The #1 mistake shrimping anglers make is they deploy their light to close to the surface which drive the shrimp underneath the boat. Capt Lee Noga writes for 3 regions of Coastal Angler Magazine, and is regarded as the educational pro angler on shrimping for the State of Florida. Your success on the water depends on how strong your kill zone is. Great light field, great night... poor light field, poor night. Don't make newbie errors.

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MacDaddy Shrimp Lights

MacDaddy shrimp lights were released in February 2013. Built by an electrical LED engineer, these lights took us from a static 60 LED light in a chunky housing to a slim line light with 3 different light modes. A true tribid light was born giving us the ability to have an all white field, all green field or both colors together for a green/white field. This light was game changing doubling the amount of LED's, giving us depth and broad light fields.

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Marker 69 On-Line Store

Marker 69 a Central Florida company is the exclusive distributor of the 2014 award winning tribrid MacDaddy shrimp light. There are several lights in this series and we take great pride in sharing the details and specifications of this custom built LED strip light. If you live local in Central Florida, custom deliveries with a private lesson from shrimping legend, Capt Lee Noga can be arranged at no cost to you.

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Great Gear = Great Night

Capt Lee Noga shares her shrimping reports for 2014 in the blog section of this website. Capt Lee shrimps in Central Florida in the Oak Hill and Edgewater areas. She founded the Academy Of Shrimping on-line forums, 55 topics, over 3200+ members, largest shrimping site in Florida covering both summer and winter shrimping. She writes a shrimping column for 3 regions of Coastal Angler Magazine, appeared on TV and radio.